Following on from my previous post on the groups that created the music of the 70s I would like to start at G and see where it takes me.


Music Of The 70s G – J


Genesis had 3 top 40 hits in the 70s here in the UK. Follow You Follow Me was their highest chart entry at number 7.

Geordie had 4 hits during 1972 and 1973 with All Because Of You being their biggest hit at number 6.

The Glitter Band had 7 top 20 hits in the 70s with Goodbye My Love reaching number 2.

Golden Earring had a one hit wonder with Radar Love which reached number 7.



Greyhound had 3 top 20 hits with Black Is Black being their highest chart placing at 6.

Guys + Dolls had 4 top 40 hits with There’s a Whole Lot Of Loving peaking at 3 in 1975.

Sensational Alex Harvey Band had 3 top 40 songsDelilah reached number 7 in 1975.

Hawkwind had their biggest hit with Silver Machine which I remember buying at the time. It reached number 3 in the charts, they had another minor hit with a song called Urban Guerrilla, no I haven’t heard of it either.

Heatwave made the charts 5 times with Boogie Night being their biggest hit at 2 in 1977.

Hello had 2 top 10 hits with Tell Him which reached number 6 and New York Groove which made it to 9.

The Hollies made the top 40 seven times in the 70s with The Air That I Breathe being their biggest hit at 2. I have been hearing one of their songs a lot lately on absolute 70s here in the UK. It was called Gasoline Alley Bred and I don’t remember from back then but it is a good 70s songs watch the video below.


Hot Chocolate had 18, yes 18 top 40 hits in the 70s.  So You Win Again  being their only number 1 in 1977.

Hues Corporation had Rock The Boat at 6 in 1974 and Rockin’ Soul making it to 24 also in 1974.

The Jacksons had 17 top 40 hits in the 70s. Show You The Way To Go in 1977 was their only number 1.

Jags only had the one hit but I liked it. Back Of My Hand reached number 17 in 1979.



The Jam had 9 top 40 hits in the 70s in the UK. Eton Rifles was their biggest hit in the 70s reaching number 3. They went on to have 4 number ones in the 80s.

Jimmy James and the Vagabonds had two hits, I’ll Go Where The Music Takes Me got to number 23 in 1976 and Now Is The Time reached number 5 in the same year.

Jethro Tull had 3 top 30 hits with Teacher/The Witch’s Promise reaching number 4 in 1970.

Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon had 2 hits in 1970, Sweet Inspiration reached number 10 and Blame It On The Pony Express got to number 7.


Music Of The 70s – K – L


KC + The Sunshine Band  had 9 top 40 hits with Please Don’t Go being their biggest hit at number 3 in 1979.

Kenny had 4 top 20 hits, The Bump in 1974 reached number 3.

The Kinks 4 top 40 hits included Lola that got to number 2 in 1970.

The Knack were a one hit wonder with My Sharona in 1979 and it reached number 6.

Gladys Knight and the Pips had 15 top 40 hits in the 70s. The Way We Were and Baby don’t Change Your Mind both reached number 4.

Kraftwerk had one hit with Autobahn in 1975 and it made it to number 11.

Kursaal Flyers  Another one hit wonder Little Does She Know which peaked at number 14 in 1976.

Lieutenant Pigeon had 2 top 20 hits. Mouldy Old Dough got to number one in 1972 and Desperate Dan which got to number 17 in the same year.




Limmie + The Family Cookin’ had 3 hits with You Can Do Magic being their biggest hit at number 3 in 1973.

Lindisfarne had 4 top 40 hits with Lady Eleanor being their biggest chart success at number 3 in 1972.

Liverpool Express  Had three top 40 hits with You Are My Love in 1976 reaching number 11.

Lobo had Me And You And A Dog Named Boo at number 4 in 1971 and I’d Love You To Want Me in 174 which reached number 5.

Love Unlimited had two top 20 hits. Walking In The Rain With The One I Love in 1972 and it reached number 14 and they followed that with It May Be Winter Outside (But In My Heart It’s Spring) in 1975 which got to number 11.


Music Of The 70s – M


Paul McCartney And Wings had a string of hits in the 70s, 21 in fact with Mull Of Kintyre/Girl’s School being the only number one.

McGuiness Flint had a couple of top 5 hits with When I’m Dead And Gone and Malt And Barley Blues which reached number 2 and number 5 respectively.

Madness appeared on the scene in 1979 and had a couple of hits with The Prince which reached number 16 and One Step Beyond which peaked at number 7.

Manfred Mann had 3 top 10 hits with Joybringer which got to number 9 in 1973. They then had a hit with Blinded By The Light a Bruce Springsteen song, did you know that? This was in 1976 and got to number 6. Their final hit of the 70s was Davy’s On The Road Again in 1978 and it reached number 6.

Manhattan Transfer had 6 top 40 songs with Chanson D’amour going to number one.

Manhattans had two big hits with Kiss And Say Goodbye and Hurt which both reached number 4 both in 1976.




Bob Marley and the Wailers had 6 top 30 hits between 1975 and 1979 with Jamming/Punky Reggae Party and Is This Love both getting to number 9.

Marmalade also had 6 hits in the 70s. Rainbow in 1970 was their highest chart appearance at number 3.

Meatloaf who of course done really well in the 80s, had three top 40 songs in the late 70s with Bat Out Of Hell faring the best in the charts at 15 in 1979.

music of the 70s

Medicine Head had 4 top 30 hits but people usually just remember their hit One And One Is One which reached number 3 in 1973.

Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes had 6 top 40 songs with If You Don’t Know Me By Now at number 9 in 1973 and Don’t Leave Me This Way in 1977 being their big hits.

Members had 2 hits but their best chart success was The Sound Of The Suburbs in 1979 and it reached number 12.

Middle Of The Road had 5 hits which included Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep at number 1 in 1971 and Tweedle Dee Tweedle Dum at number 2 the same year.

Mink De Ville had a one hit wonder in 1977 with Spanish Stroll which reached 1977.

Miracles had Love Machine at number 3 in 1976.

Mr. Big had two hits in 1977 with Romeo that reached number 4 and Feel Like Calling Home which only got to 35.

Mixtures were yet another one hit wonder with The Pushbike Song that got to number 2 in 1971.

Moments & Whatnauts had 3 top 10 hits in the 70s. Girls got to number 3 in 1975, they followed that with Dolly My Love which got to number 10 also in 1975. Jack In The Box was their final hit in 1977 reaching number 7 in the charts.






Moody Blues had 4 top 40 hits. Question in 1970 was their highest chart position in the 70’s reaching number 2. They did have a number one with Go Now in 1964.

Motors had 2 top 20 hits with Airport being their most successful song in 1978 reaching number 4.

Mott The Hoople had 6 top 40 songs. The classic song All The Young Dudes written by David Bowie was their biggest hit reaching number 3 in 1972.

Move Had four songs in the top 40 with with California Man hitting number 7 in 1972.

Mud had 15 songs that made the top 40 in the 70’s. They had 3 number 1 songs Tiger Feet, Lonely This Christmas and Oh Boy.

Mungo Jerry also did well with 8 hits in the 70’s including 2 number ones. In The Summertime and Baby Jump.

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