Hi Welcome to my Music Of The 70’s UK website. I hope you enjoy browsing through this site and it brings back great memories for you as it did for me building it. This is still a work in progress so make sure to call back to see it’s progress. If there is something you think I should have on the site leave a comment and I will get back to you.


I was in my teenage years in the 70’s so I was the right age to be heavily involved with the music of the time. Throughout the decade as the music changed I still liked what I was listening to and I have to say this decade has to be the best ever music wise. You may think differently of course but I think it is probably due to the age I was at the time.

I remember my first real concert was going to see Sparks at the local Odeon. A cracking concert it was too, Ron and Russell Mael where brilliant. I bet you have great memories of your first concert too, maybe you can get in touch and let me know about it.


I built this site because apart from loving the music, I wanted a place where people who loved 70’s music in the UK could come and find their favourite music without having to go to you tube and type all day. I want this site to be a place that people will come back to time and time again as I keep adding more content.

I hope you enjoy your visit here today and let others with an interest in the music know about the site. leave a comment on any of the posts if you particularly liked it’s content.


The goal of my site is to build a community of like-minded people interested in the music I love.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,






P.S. I am currently doing a virtual walk for Prostate Cancer UK, I am doing the length of Route 66 which is 2,278 miles long. I am asking people who donate to help me build my playlist for my walks. If you would like to donate and help me build my playlist please click here. Thanks in advance.

P.P.S 70s music would be best of course but I listen to a bit of 80s too:)



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  1. Ihave just bought a second hand LP called The Best Of Fleetwood Mac supposedly dated 1973 but cannot see any date on,its a Reprise Records label n has REP 44138 (44 138-A),names of songs side 1 Oh Well P.A.Green,2Dragonfly (D.Kirwan-W.H.Davies),3Rattlesnake (P.A.Green)4World of Harmony (D.Kirwan-P.A.Green)5The Green Manalashi Side 2 Searching for Madge(J.G.McVie)2 Before the Beginning (P.A.Green)3 The Purple Dancer (M.Fleetwood-J.McVie-D.Kirwan)4 Fighting for Madge (M.J.K.F;eetwood)5 Coming Your Way (D.Kirwan).
    The sleeve has a background colour greeny/blue with all the group photos on in squqres n on the back sleeve photo,s of all the group standing with their names underneath .Other info ob back is A Fleetwood Mac Production recording engineer Martin Birch ,made in Germany by WEA Musik Gmbh a Wrner Communications company plus REP 44 138 France WE 331 Hope you can help me about this album on what its history is

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