Welcome to this 10cc songs list article. This post features a bit of history of the band and how they got together, as well as a list of their songs.


How They Got Together

10CC - TopPop 1974 5The group was formed in 1972, it was set up by four experienced Manchester musicians. Lol Creme (born on the 19th of September 1947) and Kevin Godley (born on the 7th of October 1945) were in a band called the Sabres and had also been at art school together. Eric Stewart (born on the 20th January 1945) and Graham Gouldman (born on the 10th May 1946) had worked with The Mindbenders.

Gouldman had previously been a successful writer with credits on many British hits in the sixties. These included the Yardbirds hits, For Your Love and Heart Full Of Soul. Look Through Any Window and Bus Stop with the Hollies. Herman’s Hermits, No Milk Today, Pamela Pamela with Wayne Fontana and Jeff Beck’s Tallyman.

When the Mindbenders split in1968 Gouldman went to work in America, Stewart meanwhile set up Strawberry studios in Stockport. He invited Godley and Creme to join him. Creme and Godley wrote a simple song called Neanderthal Man which the trio released as Hot Legs. It reached number 2 in the charts in the UK, this was followed by a tour with The Moody Blues. Halfway through the tour Gouldman returned from America and joined the band. An album they brought out flopped so they disbanded.


10cc songs list




After they disbanded, all four returned to Strawberry Studios. They spent their time experimenting and doing session work. They helped Neil Sedaka with his comeback album Solitaire and also the follow up The Tra La Days in 1973. They also did some recording themselves and came up with a fifties style song called Donna. They took it to Jonathan King who suggested the band should call themselves 10cc.

They released the song late 1972 and the song soon rose to number 2 in the British charts. Their follow up single Johnny Don’t Do It flopped. They then had enormous success with their 3rd single Rubber Bullets which led to them concentrating on being a band.

The release of the album 10cc showed the writing talents within the band. To promote the album and to try to establish an image they had to perform live. This led to problems as transferring their studio craftsmanship to performing live proved near on impossible. To fatten the sound they added a 2nd drummer Paul Burgess also from Manchester. He worked with the band for the next 10 years.



Let’s have a look at their discography.

10cc Songs List – Singles

10cc had 11 top 30 singles in the 70’s. I will name the song first, followed by the year released and the chart position reached in the UK and if applicable the US.

  1. Donna (1972) (2)
  2. Rubber Bullets (1973) (1) (73)
  3. The Dean And I (1973) (10)
  4. The Wall Street Shuffle (1974) (10) (103)
  5. Silly Love (1974) (24)
  6. Life Is A Minestrone (1975) (7) (104)
  7. I’m Not In Love (1975) (1) (2)
  8. Art For Arts Sake (1975) (5) (83)
  9. I;m Mandy Fly Me (1976) (6) (60)
  10. The Things We Do For Love (1976) (6) (5)
  11. Dreadlock Holiday (1978) (1) (44)

As you can see they didn’t quite crack the US although they did have a couple of hits there.




10cc Songs List – Studio Albums

10cc had 7 top 40 studio albums in the UK and 2 top 40 albums in the US. I will name the album, Year released and position reached in the UK and the US if they made the top 40.

  1. 10cc (1973) (36)
  2. Sheet Music (1974) (9)
  3. The Original Soundtrack (1975) (3) (15)
  4. How Dare You (1976) (5)
  5. Deceptive Bends (1977) (3) (31)
  6. Bloody Tourists (1978) (3)
  7. Look Hear? (1980) (35)

They also had 1 live album and 4 greatest hits album make the top 40 in the UK

  1. 100cc: The Greatest Hits Of 10cc (1975) (9)
  2. Live And Let Live (live album) (1977) (14)
  3. Greatest Hits 1972 – 1978 (1979) (5)
  4. Changing Faces – The Very Best Of 10cc and Godley and Creme (1987) (4)
  5. The Very Best Of 10cc (1997) (37)


Godley And Creme

Godley and Creme quit 10cc in 1976 to record as a duo. They were replaced by Paul Burgess, Stuart Tosh, Tony O’Malley and Rick Fenn. Godley and Creme had 3 top 20 singles. Under Your Thumb which reached No.3, Wedding Bells reached No.7 and Cry which reached No.19 in the UK and No.16 in the US.

They didn’t have great chart success with their albums. Three just about made it into the charts, Consequences reached number 52, L which reached No.47 and Ismism their biggest success reached No.29. They did have a greatest hits album that reached No.4 in the charts in 1987. This contained their own songs and 10cc songs. It was called Changing Faces: The Very Best Of 10cc and Godley and Creme.




10cc After Godley And Creme

Eric Stewart and Graham Gouldman recorded another 10cc album called Deceptive Bends in 1977 with the help of Paul Burgess. It seemed to make little difference that Godley and Creme left as the album reached number 3 and they had Things We Do For Love at No.6 in the singles chart too.

In 1977 the trio went on an international tour, the line up also included drummer Stuart Tosh, guitarist Rick Fenn and keyboard player Tony O’Malley. The tour was followed by the release of their first live album, Live And Let Live.

In 1978, they released the album Bloody Tourists which reached No3 in the charts. This album contained their reggae influenced hit Dreadlock Holiday which topped the charts in the UK.



I hope I brought back some memories for you with this 10cc songs list. Leave a comment if you have any particular memories of the band. Maybe you saw them in concert. Let me know below.

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  1. Ah.. love the memories from the past…
    my favorite songs from 10cc are:
    I’m not in love
    The Things We Do For Love

    I listen to 70’s music every day so I hear these songs pretty frequently.

    1. I am glad you are into 70’s music and 10cc were a big part of the 70’s. I’m not in love seemed to be number 1 for ever back then.

      Thanks for the comment,


  2. At the end of the article I had a nice and warm feeling. I will be honest and admit it, some of the songs I’ve heard I didn’t know it belong to them and some were quite a pleasant surprise to bring back old memories.
    Maybe you could do one about The Smiths.

    1. Hi Kosmos, I am happy that you learned something new from my post and that you enjoyed the music. I can’t do The Smiths as they were an 80’s band and this is a 70’s site.

      Thanks for visiting,

  3. Wow, Frank, you got me this time. I only recognize one song here.
    Maybe they weren’t that popular in Canada? I know these are all UK artists, but…
    I’ll have to lookup more of their songs to see if I recognize any more. You’ve got me on the hunt now, lol.

    1. Hi Suzanne, 10cc had most of their success in the UK during the 70’s. I would imagine the song you recognized was I’m Not In Love which was one of their biggest hits.

      Yes, check out their other stuff, you might be surprised and remember another couple of their songs.

      Thanks for visiting, make sure you return as the site grows/



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