In my opinion the songs of the 70’s has never been equalled before or after. That is just my opinion though, you may think differently of course. If we all liked the same things life would be boring wouldn’t it. Whatever your taste in music is the 70s has to be up there.  If it is number 1 songs you are looking for here is a link to the number one songs of 1970.

This post however covers songs from 1970 that you may have forgotten about or never even heard before. They never made it to the top spot but were still great records. As usual I will name the artists in alphabetical order, the name of the song and number it reached in the UK singles chart. I hope you enjoy this look at the forgotten songs of 1970. There is a playlist you will find underneath from my you tube channel of the songs mentioned below .



songs of the 70's


Songs Of The 70’s – 1970 A-K

Badfinger – Come and Get It –  4

I have just been doing some research on Badfinger. I discovered that 2 of the band Pete Ham and Tom Evans wrote the song Without You that was a number 1 hit for Harry Nilsson in 1972. Which was the first single I ever bought. The song was on their 1970 album No Dice. Who knew?

The band evolved from an earlier group called The Iveys, formed in 1961, which became the first group signed by the Beatles’ Apple label in 1968. The band renamed themselves Badfinger, after ‘Bad Finger Boogie’, the working title for the Beatles’ 1967 song “With a Little Help from My Friends”. From 1968 to 1973, Badfinger recorded five albums for Apple and toured extensively, before they became embroiled in the chaos of Apple’s dissolution. See full article here.


This is the playlist I mentioned above. it contains the 34 songs mentioned in this post.



Beachboys – Cottonfields –  5

Bread – Make It with You –  5

Chairmen of the Board – Give Me Just a Little More Time –  3
Chairmen of the Board – You’ve Got Me Dangling On A String – 5

Jimmy Cliff – Wild World –  8

Deep Purple – Black Night – 2

Free – Alright Now – 2

Hollies – Gasoline Alley Bred –  14

I heard this Hollies song on a 70s music channel recently and couldn’t believe I missed such a great song. Perhaps I was too young at the time, Have a listen and let me know what you think in the comments below.





Jacksons – ABC –  8

Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon – Blame It On The Pony Express –  7

Kinks – Lola –  2
Kinks – Apeman –  5


Songs Of The 70’s – 1970 M-S


McGuinness Flint – When I’m Dead and Gone –  2

This song was written by Benny Gallagher and Graham Lyle, who were both members of the group McGuinness Flint at the time. The other members were guitarist Tom McGuiness, Hughie Flint on drums and vocalist and keyboard player Dennis Coulson. Gallagher and Lyle had a couple of big hits later in the 70s as a duo.




Melanie – Ruby Tuesday – 9

Joni Mitchell – Big Yellow Taxi –  11

Gilbert O’Sullivan – Nothing Rhymed – 8

This was Gilbert O’Sullivan’s first chart single, I remember buying this from a record shop that sold records from jukeboxes so the middle part was missing. You could buy a piece that fitted into the middle though, so you could play the records. Good old vinyl.




Poppy Family – Which Way You Going Billy – 7

Cliff Richard – Goodbye Sam Hello Samantha – 6

Diana Ross – Reach Out And Touch – 33

Edwin Starr – War – 3

Supremes – Up The Ladder To The Roof – 6


Forgotten Songs Of 1970 T-W


Tams – Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy – 32

James Taylor – Fire And Rain – 42




Temptations – Ball Of Confusion – 7

Three Dog Night – Mama Told Me Not To Come – 3

T.Rex – Ride A White Swan – 2

Frankie Valli – You’re Ready Now – 11

White Plains – My Baby Loves Lovin’ 9
White Plains – Julie Do Ya Love Me 8

Who – The Seeker – 19

I am not familiar with this Who song as I was only 14 when this was in the charts. I have listened to many Who albums but can’t remember hearing this one. Have a listen and let me know if you remember it.




Stevie Wonder – Never Had A Dream Come True – 6
Stevie Wonder – Signed Sealed Delivered I’m Yours – 15
Stevie Wonder – Heaven Help Us All – 29

Started off as little Stevie Wonder, when he was 11 he was signed by Motown’s Tamla label and had his first number one song at 13. Wow

Well, I hope you enjoyed this look at the forgotten songs of 1970. Leave a comment below and let me know if any song brought back great memories for you.


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