This Paul McCartney wings albums and singles post follows on from my Beatles post I did a few weeks ago. I will tell you a bit about the band Wings and then go through their music discography.


Paul McCartney Wings Albums



Paul McCartney Wings Albums



Paul McCartney And Wings

When the Beatles split in 1970 Paul McCartney didn’t take long to move on. In 1971, he formed the band Wings with his wife Linda on keyboards, former Moody Blues guitarist Denny Laine and drummer Denny Seiwell. They went through a few changes in personnel over the years but the trio of Paul, Linda and Denny Laine were the mainstays of the band and stayed throughout the band’s existence.

Wings Singles

Wings had 17 top 40 singles in the UK chart in the 70’s. I will name the song, the year and position reached here in the UK and if applicable the position reached in the US.

  1. Give Ireland Back To The Irish (1972) (16) (21)
  2. Mary Had A Little Lamb (1972) (9) (28)
  3. Hi, Hi, Hi (1972) (5) (10)
  4. My Love (1973) (9) (1)
  5. Live And Let Die (1973) (7) (2)
  6. Helen Wheels (1973) (12) (10)
  7. Jet (1973) (7) (7)
  8. Band On The Run (1974) (3) (1)
  9. Junior’s Farm (1974) (16) (3)
  10. listen To What The Man Said (1975) (6) (1)
  11. Silly Love Songs (1976) (2) (1)
  12. Let ‘Em In (1976) (2) (3)
  13. Maybe I’m Amazed (live) (1977) (28) (10)
  14. Mull Of Kintyre (1977) (1)
  15. With A Little Luck (1978) (5) (1)
  16. Goodnight Tonight (1979) (5) (5)
  17. Old Siam, Sir (1979) (35)



Paul McCartney Wings Albums

Wings had 7 studio albums that reached the top 20 in the UK plus 1 live album which reached number 8. They also had 2 greatest hits albums that both made number 5 in the UK. I will list all the albums in order of release. Album title first, then year released, position reached in the UK and the US where applicable.

  1. Wild Life (1971) (11) (10)
  2. Red Rose Speedway (1973) (5) (1)
  3. Band On The Run (1973) (1) (1)
  4. Venus And Mars (1975) (1) (1)
  5. Wings At The Speed Of Sound (1976) (2) (1)
  6. Wings Over America (live) (1976) (8) (1)
  7. London Town (1978) (4) (2)
  8. Wings Greatest (1978) (5) (29)
  9. Back To The Egg (1979) (8) (6)
  10. Wingspan: Hits And History (2001) (5) (2)


The last album Wingspan featured songs from Wings, Paul And Linda together and also solo songs by Paul. This was a great album and I will list the tracks below in case you are interested.


wings greatest



Disc 1

  1. Listen To What The Man Said (Wings)
  2. Band On The Run (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  3. Another Day (Paul McCartney)
  4. Live And Let Die (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  5. Jet (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  6. My Love (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  7. Silly Love Songs (Wings)
  8. Pipes Of Peace (Paul McCartney)
  9. C Moon (Wings)
  10. Hi, Hi, Hi (Wings)
  11. Let ‘Em In (Wings)
  12. Goodnight Tonight (Wings)
  13. Junior’s Farm (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  14. Mull Of Kintyre (Wings)
  15. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (Paul And Linda McCartney)
  16. With A Little Luck (Wings)
  17. Coming Up (Paul McCartney)
  18. No More Lonely Nights (Paul McCartney)

Disc 2

  1. Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  2. The Lovely Linda ( Paul McCartney)
  3. Daytime Night Time Suffering (Wings)
  4. Maybe I’m Amazed (Paul McCartney)
  5. Helen Wheels (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  6. Bluebird (Paul McCartney and Wings)
  7. Heart Of The Country (Paul And Linda McCartney)
  8. Every Night ( Paul McCartney)
  9. Take It Away (Paul McCartney)
  10. Junk (Paul McCartney)
  11. Man We Was Lonely (Paul McCartney)
  12. Venus And Mars/Rockshow (Wings)
  13. The Back Seat Of My Car (Paul And Linda McCartney)
  14. Rockestra Theme (Wings)
  15. Girlfriend (Wings)
  16. Waterfalls (Paul McCartney)
  17. Tomorrow ( Wings)
  18. Too Many People (Paul McCartney)
  19. Call Me Back Again (Wings)
  20. Tug Of War (Paul McCartney)
  21. Bip Bop/Hey Diddle (Paul And Linda McCartney)
  22. No More Lonely Nights(Playout Version) (Paul McCartney)





Band On The Run

This album was my favourite wings album. It hit number 1 both sides of the Atlantic. It had a cover which everyone used to guess who was on it. It is still a quiz question now. Who appeared on the Band On The Run album? Can you remember without looking? Leave your guess in the comments below.  Here is a run down on the track list of the album.

I will list the songs of the 1973 original release album.

Side 1

  1. Band On The Run
  2. Jet
  3. Bluebird
  4. Mrs Vanderbilt
  5. Let Me Roll It

Side 2

  1. Mamunia
  2. No Words
  3. Helen Wheels
  4. Picasso’s Last Words (Drink To Me)
  5. Nineteen Hundred And Eighty-Five



band on the run



I hope you enjoyed this look at Paul McCartney and Wings. Did it bring back good memories for you? If so share your memories in the comment box below.


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