Thanks for visiting today to take a look at this post all about Northern Soul songs. everyone has their favourite song of course, mine is Frank Wilson’s version of Do I Love You. I heard Bruce Springsteen singing it the other day, it sounded ok but not a patch on Frank Wilson.


Northern Soul Songs


Northern Soul Songs


The term Northern Soul is said to have come from a soul record collector named Dave Godin who ran a shop called Soul City in Covent Garden. He said in an interview that he noticed that a lot of northern football fans who were in London to see their teams play, would come into the shop asking for obscure soul records. They were not interested in the songs in the latest black american chart. So, he told staff in the shop to play them what they wanted, Northern Soul.


Northern Soul Origins


Northern Soul is a genre of music that emerged in the mid-1960s in the UK and is one of the most influential music movements of modern times. Northern Soul originated as a spin-off of the mod movement in the UK when DJs began spinning rare soul records from the US at all-night dance parties.

The genre fuses elements of American soul music with British rock, psychedelia and influences from Caribbean music. Northern Soul is known for its fast-tempo, strong beat and loud horns, as well as its melodic samples, which are woven into complex, soulful arrangements.


Northern Soul Fan Base


One of the most famous aspects of Northern Soul is its cult-like following. It has a deep-rooted fan base that actively collects rare records and attends specialist events dedicated to the genre. These events, which have become more popular in recent years, focus on the appreciation of Northern Soul and its associated sounds.

Northern Soul’s legacy of social and musical evolution has made a lasting impact on the wider music industry. It was the precursor to genres such as Balearic Beat, UK Garage and House music. It also had a major influence on pop stars such as David Bowie, Morrissey and the British synth-pop group the Human League.

Despite its popularity in modern times, Northern Soul music still holds tight to its roots. It carries a spirit of nostalgia; a culture of collectivism and appreciation for classic soul music that is truly timeless.

You still get Northern Soul all dayers in the UK today. I found a facebook group you may be interested in that lets people upload their events. You can check out if there are any in your area.


northern soul songs

Northern Soul Songs


So let’s have a look at some Northern Soul songs. In no particular order let’s go.

  • Frank Wilson – Do I Love You
  • Dobie Gray – Out On The Floor
  • Wayne Gibson – Under My Thumb
  • Benny Troy – I Wanna Give You Tomorrow
  • Yvonne Baker – You Didn`t Say a Word
  • The Tymes – Here She Comes
  • Dina Carroll – Ain’t No Man
  • The Tomangoes – I Really Love You
  • Terry Callier – Ordinary Joe
  • Tobi Legend – Time Will Pass You By
  • Eloise Laws – Love Factory
  • Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
  • Yum Yums – Gonna Be a Big Thing
  • Tami Lynn – I’m Gonna Run Away From You
  • The Tams – Be Young Be Foolish Be Happy
  • Donnie Elbert – I Can’t Help Myself
  • Gloria Jones – Tainted Love
  • Archie Bell & The Drells – Here I Go Again
  • The Carstairs – It Really Hurts Me Girl
  • Dean Parrish – I’m On My Way


Here is a playlist I made on youtube with the above songs. Well worth a listen.



Northern Soul Songs


That is a great list of songs don’t you think? Leave a comment below and let me know your favourite Northern Soul songs are. Thanks for visiting today.

Whilst doing my research for this post I found a 4 cd collection on Amazon. I did a post on it, I listed all the tracks so you may want to check it out. Click here for the review.

101 northern soul anthems


I have updated this post as last night (5th May 2024)  I attended a show called Northern Soul Live. They played and sang over 30 songs and my wife and I had a great night. I would recommend you go and see it if comes to your area.

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