Welcome to this post featuring Gilbert O’Sullivan Songs. I will give a bit of history of Gilbert then add a list of his singles and albums.

Raymond Edward O’Sullivan

Repetities Grand Gala du Disque Populaire in RAI, Amsterdam, Gilbert OSullivan, Bestanddeelnr 925-4083Gilbert O’Sullivan was born Raymond Edward O’Sullivan in 1946 in Ireland. His moved to Swindon in England when he was 7 years old. When he was older he attended Swindon art college studying graphic design.

There was something else Raymond loved and that was music. He joined some local bands as a drummer/vocalist. That is when he started writing his own songs. It is said his writing influence were The Beatles as writers and Bob Dylan as a performer.

He released a couple of songs as Gilbert and as we all remember he had a distinctive style, with the flat cap and weird haircut. These singles made no impact but he did not give up. He decided to send a demo tape to the manager of Tom Jones and Engelbert Humperdink, whose name was Gordon Mills. He became his manager after being impressed with his song writing. The resulting first single Nothing Rhymed got to number 8 in 1970.



Gilbert O’Sullivan Songs – Singles

Gilbert had 15 top 40 singles in the UK between 1970 and 1980 with 2 number one songs.

I will name the song, the year released and position reached in the UK and if applicable the US.

  1. Nothing Rhymed (1970) (8)
  2. Underneath The Blanket Go (1971) (40)
  3. We Will (1971) (16)
  4. No Matter How I Try (1971) (5)
  5. Alone Again (Naturally) (1972) (3) (1)
  6. Ooh- Wakka-Doo-Wakka-Day (1972) (8)
  7. Clair (1972) (1) (2)
  8. Out Of The Question (1973) No.17 in the US
  9. Get Down (1973) (1) (7)
  10. Ooh, Baby (1973) (18) (25)
  11. Why, Oh Why, Oh Why (1973) (6)
  12. Happiness Is Me And You (1974) (19) (62)
  13. A Woman’s Place (1974) (42)
  14. Christmas Song (1974) (12)
  15. I Don’t Love You But I Think I Like You (1975) (14)
  16. What’s In A Kiss (1980) (19)





Gilbert O’Sullivan Songs – Albums

Gilbert has had 7 top 20 albums to date. Yes he is still releasing albums!

I will name the album, the year released, chart position reached in the UK and where applicable the US

  1. Himself (1971) (5) (9)
  2. Back To Front (1972) (1) (48)
  3. I’m A Writer, Not A Fighter (1973) (2) (101)
  4. A Stranger In MY Own Back Yard (1974) (9)
  5. Greatest Hits (1976) (13)
  6. The Berry Vest Of Gilbert O’Sullivan (2004) (20)
  7. Gilbert O’Sullivan (2018) (20)

Yes, number 6 was the correct spelling of the album, I have it in my collection.




The Berry Vest Of Gilbert O’Sullivan

Let’s have a look at Gilbert’s greatest hits album with the strange play of words in the title. Here is the track listing of the album.

  1. Nothing Rhymed
  2. Alone Again (Naturally)
  3. Clair
  4. Get Down
  5. We Will (Gus Dudgeon re-mix)
  6. No Matter How I Try
  7. Matrimony
  8. Out Of The Question
  9. Ooh Wakka Doo Wakka Day
  10. Why Oh Why Oh Why
  11. Who Was It
  12. Ooh Baby (radio mix)
  13. Miss My Love Today
  14. What’s In A Kiss
  15. So What
  16. Can’t Think Straight (duet with Peggy Lee)
  17. Doesn’t It Make You Sick (Mortar & Brick)
  18. Happiness Is You And Me
  19. Two’s Company (Three Is Allowed)
  20. What’s It All Supposed To Mean
  21. Mr Moody’s Garden (bonus track)





gilbert osullivan songs



Gilbert O’Sullivan Songs – Gilbert O’Sullivan Today

Gilbert is still performing and recording to this day, his last album which was self titled reached No.20 in the UK charts.


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10 Replies to “Gilbert O’Sullivan Songs”

  1. Wow, I love 70’s and 80’s music, but somehow have never heard of Gilbert O’Sullivan! I am happy that I came across this article, and I appreciate the video of Alone Again that you put in. I can tell I like this man’s music, and I will be listening to it now.

    1. Yes Alex it is surprising when you hear somebody’s music from another era and you think, I like that. I hope you enjoy listening to more of his work.

      Thanks for visiting,

  2. You really cannot go wrong with the 70’s and 80’s music. It is a lost art compared to what we are listening to today. That music had so much meaning.

    I was unfamiliar with Gilbert O’Sullivan but I am glad you introduced me to this. I cannot wait until you post your next article. What an awesome resource.

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Nate, thanks for the comment, I am slowly building this site and in the end it will be a great resource. There are still hundreds of songs and artists to cover. Make sure you come back often.

      Thanks for visiting,

  3. I listen to my Sirius XM music whenever I am driving and 70’s station is one of my favorite channels to listen to.
    When it comes to the songs of Gilbert O’Sullivan, my favorite song is “Alone Again (Naturally).

    Thanks for the memories 🙂

    1. Hi Colleen, you have a great taste in music if you are listening to a 70’s station, I listen to one too, it is called absolute radio 70’s and you can get it online. Alone Again (Naturally) is a great song with amazing lyrics, Gilbert was a great writer as well as a performer.

      Thanks for calling by today,

  4. 70’s & 80’s music is great. It was nice to stop by and listen to some music. Keep it going because I can definitely see why these are your favorite songs.

    1. Hi Imani, they sure are my favourite songs and I am glad people are appreciating learning about the artists and their songs on my site. Make sure you come back often to see the site grow.

      Thanks for visiting today,

  5. Hi Frank,
    When I first opened your blog I thought “who’s this… never heard of him” lol. But as soon as I listened to the videos, I recognized the songs.
    So many great artists come from the UK and area. But I don’t think I listened to a lot of his music.
    I had other favorites at the time, but must admit I like listening to him now! This era brings back so many fond memories.
    Thanks again for a walk down memory lane!

    1. Hi Suzanne, thanks for the comment. I could imagine your reaction when you actually recognized some of Gilbert’s songs. I think Clair was one of his biggest hits.

      I am happy these songs are bringing back good memories for you.

      Come back again as I grow the site,

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