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Music Of The 70s – S

Sad Cafe  had one hit with Every Day Hurts in 1979 reaching number 3.

Sailor  had 3 top 40 hits their 2 big hits were Glass Of Champagne that reached number 2 in 1975 and Girls Girls Girls got to number 7 in 1976.

Sandpipers  were a one hit wonder with Hang On Sloopy  in 1976 getting to number 32.

Santana  had 2 hits in the 70’s, Samba Pa Ti reached number 27 in 1974 and She’s Not There at number 11 in 1977.




Selecter  had one hit in the 70’s with On My Radio in 1979 which got to number 8 in the charts.

Sex Pistols  had 9 top 40 hits between 1976 and 1979.  Their biggest hits were God Save The Queen in 1977 which reached number 2, Pretty Vacant got to number 6 in the same year. Something Else made number 3 in 1979 also in 1979 they had Silly Thing  at number 6 and C’mon Everybody at number 3.

The Shadows  had 2 hits in the 70’s with Don’t Cry For Me Argentina in 1978 reaching number 5 and the Theme From The Deer Hunter (Cavatina) in 1979 getting to number 9.

Shalamar  had 2 top 40 hits with Uptown Festival in 1977 getting to number 30 and the following year they got to number 20 with  Take That To The Bank.

Sham 69  had 5 songs in the top 20. their biggest hits were If The Kids Are United  in 1978 reached number 9, Hurry Up Harry got to number 10 also in 1978, Hersham Boys made it to number 6 in 1979.




Shangri-Las  had Leader Of The Pack (re-issue) getting to number 3 in 1972

Rocky Sharpe and the Replays  had Rama Lama Ding Dong in the charts in 1978 at number 17.

Sheer Elegance  had 2 hits in the top 20. Milky Way at 18 in 1975 and Life Is Too Short Girl in 1976 getting to number 9.

Sherbert  had one big hit with Howzat in 1976 reaching number 4.

Shirley And Company  had Shame Shame Shame in the charts at number 6 in 1975.

Shocking Blue  had a number 8 hit with Venus in 1970.


Music Of The 70s – S


Showaddywaddy  had an incredible 18 top 40 hits in the 70’s. They had one number one with Under The Moon Of Love in 1976. They also had 4 songs that got to number 2, Hey Rock And Roll in 1974, Three Steps To Heaven in 1975, You Got What It Takes in 1977 and I Wonder Why in 1978. They also got to number 3 with When in 1977.

Silver Convention  had 4 top 30 hits with Get Up And Boogie being their biggest at number 7 in 1976.

Siouxsie and the Banshees  3 top 30 hits. Hong Kong Garden being their biggest hit at number 7 in 1978.

Sister Sledge  had 4 top 20 songs Mama Never Told Me got  to number 20 in 1975. They also had 3 hits in 1979.
He’s The Greatest Dancer at number 6, We Are Family at number 8 and Lost In Music reached number 17.

Skids  had 4 top 40 hits with Into The Valley being their biggest hit at 10 in 1979.




Slade  had 17 top 30 singles in the 70’s with 6 number 1 songs. They were Coz I Luv You in 1971, Take Me Bak ‘Ome in 1972, Mama Weer All Crazee Now also in 1972. I went to see Slade at the Empire theatre in Edinburgh in 1972 just as they released Gudbuy To Jane which only got to number 2. Anyway, back to the number one songs
Cum On Feel The Noize  got there in 1973 as did Skweeze Me Pleeze Me and they finished the year at number one with Merry Xmas Everybody. Read more about Slade here.

Slik  had 2 songs in the charts with Forever And Ever reaching number 1 in 1976 and Requiem at 24 also in 1976.

Sly and the Family Stone  also had 2 hits Family Affair reached 15 in 1972 and Runnin’ Away got to 17 in the same year.


music of the 70s




Music Of The 70s – S


Patti Smith Group  had their only hit with Because The Night in 1978 reaching number 5.

Smokie  had 11 top 20 hits between 1975 and 1978.  with their biggest hits being If You Think You Know How To Love Me in 1975 which got to number 3. They also had 3 songs that got to number 5 in the charts. Living Next Door To Alice in 1976, It’s Your Life in 1977 and  Oh Carol in 1978.

Space  had one hit with Magic Fly hitting number 2 in 1977.

Sparks  had 8 top 30 songs with This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us being their biggest hit in 1974 reaching number 2.

Specials  had 2  top 10 hits in 1979 with Gangsters reaching number 6 and A Message To You Rudy/Nite Club reaching 10.

Squeeze  had 4 top 30 hits with Cool For Cats and Up The Junction getting to number 2 in 1979.

Starland Vocal Band  had Afternoon Delight at number 18 in 1976.

Status Quo had 16 top 40 songs in the 70s. With one song hitting the top spot Down Down in 1974. Read more about Status Quo and there songs here. 

Stealer’s Wheel had 3 top 40 singles with Stuck In The Middle With You being their biggest hit in 1973 reaching number 8.




Steam  Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him Goodbye in 1970 was their only hit reaching number 9.

Steeleye Span  had 2 hits with Gaudete at 14 in 1973 and All Around My Hat in 1975 which reached number 5.

Steely Dan had 2 top 40 songs with Haitian Divorce being their biggest hit at 17 in 1976.

Stranglers  had 8 top 40 hits their highest charting songs were Peaches/ Go Buddy Go in 1977 which got to number 8, Something Better Change/Straighten Out also in 1977 reached number 9, again in 1977 No More Heroes got to number 8.

Strawbs  had 3 hits, Lay Down in 1972 which reached number 12, Part Of The Union got to number 2 in 1973 and
Shine On Silver Sun also in 1973 peaked at number 34.

Stylistics had 16 top 40 hits in the 70’s.  Can’t Give You Anything (But My Love) in 1975 was their only number one. They had a lot of top 10 hits though, I’m Stone In Love With You in 1972 at 9, Rockin’ Roll Baby reached number 6 in 1974, also in 1974 You Make Me Feel Brand New got to number 2 and  Let’s Put It All Together went to number 9. In 1975 Sing Baby Sing reached number 3, Na Na Is The Saddest Word got to 5. they had 3 top ten hits in 1976, Funky Weekend made it to 10, Can’t Help Falling In Love got to number 4 and 16 Bars reached number 7.




Sugarhill Gang had Rapper’s Delight at number 3 in 1979.

Supertramp  had 4 top 30 songs with Dreamer at 13 in 1975, Give A Little Bit made 29 in 1977, they finishedthe decade with 2 hits in 1979, The Logical Song went to number 7 and Breakfast In America went to 9.

The Supremes had 10 top 40 hits in the 70’s with 5 making the top ten, Up The Ladder To The Roof  went to number 6 in 1970, Stoned Love made 3 in 1971, also in 1971 Nathan Jones  got to number 5. Floy Joy got to number 9 in 1972 and Automatically Sunshine also in 1972) made it to 10.

Sutherland Brothers And Quiver had 2 top 40 songs with Arm Of Mary at 5 in 1976 and also in 1976 Secrets got to number 35.

Sweet  had 15 top 40 hits in the 70’s. They had one number one song with Blockbuster in 1973. They also had 5 songs that got to number 5. Co-Co in 1971, they had Hellraiser and  Ballroom Blitz in 1973, Teenage Rampage in 1974 and Fox On The Run in 1975.

Sweet Sensation  had Sad Sweet Dreamer at number 1 in 1974 and Purely By Coincidence at 11 in 1975.

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