Roxy Music were an English band who were formed in 1970 by Bryan Ferry who was the bands lead vocalist and songwriter and Graham Simpson on bass guitar. Other longtime members were Phil Manzanera on lead guitar, Andy Mackay on saxaphone and oboe and Paul Thompson on drums. Other members worth a mention were Brian Eno on synthesizer, Eddie Jobson synthesizer and violin and John Gustafson on bass.

They had a string of hits in the 70’s and early 80’s. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

Best Roxy Music Songs Of The 70’s

The best Roxy Music songs in my opinion were during the 70’s and below I will show why I think this. Roxy Music had 8 top 20 hits in the UK during this decade. Here they are below

Virginia Plain

Virginia Plain was Roxy Music’s first hit in 1972 and it reached number 4 in the charts in the UK



Pyjamarama was the follow up single to Virginia Plain and reached number 10 in the charts in the UK in 1973

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Street Life

Street Life was also released in 1973 and became Roxy Music’s third hit single in the Uk peaking at number 9


All I Want Is You

All I Want Is You was their only hit in 1974 reaching number 12 in the charts in the UK.



Love Is The Drug

Love Is The Drug hit number 2 in the charts in October 1975, the also had a minor hit in December of that year with Both Ends Burning which only managed to make it to number 25.


Dance Away

Another big hit for Roxy Music in 1979 was Dance Away peaking at number 2 so close to being the bands first number 1.


Angel Eyes

Angel Eyes was also released in 1979 and reached number 4 in the charts.


Best Roxy Music Songs Of The 80’s

We now move on to the 80’s and the band continue to release singles at a fair old rate. They had 6 top 20 hits in this decade.

Over You

Over You was Roxy Music’s first hit of the eighties, it reached number 5 in may 1980.



Oh Yeah (On The Radio)

Another hit in 1980 was this song Oh Yeah (On The Radio) which also got to number 5.


The Same Old Scene

A busy year for Roxy with a 3rd hit in November 1980, The Same Old Scene got to number 12.


Jealous Guy

At last a chart topper for the band in February 1981, but tinged with a bit of sadness because it was a tribute song to John Lennon who had been murdered in New York on the 8th December 1980. A fitting tribute I think.


More Than This

More Than This got to number 6 in  April 1982.



Avalon was the last of the bands top 20 singles in June 1982 reaching number 131 in the UK charts.



Roxy Music had 8 studio albums between 1972 and 1982. Here is a list below.

  • Roxy Music (1972)
  • For Your Pleasure (1973)
  • Stranded (1973)
  • Country Life (1974)
  • Siren (1975)
  • Manifesto (1979)
  • Flesh and Blood (1980)
  • Avalon (1982)

roxy music

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There you have it the best Roxy Music songs over a ten year spell.

Bryan Ferry went on to have a great solo career too. He had 8 top 20 singles between 1973 and 1985. they were as follows.

    • A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall (1973) (10)
    • The In Crowd (1974) (13)
    • Smoke Get’s In Your Eyes (1974) (17)
    • Let’s Stick Together ( 1976) (4)
    • Extended Play EP (1976) (7)
    • This Is Tomorrow (1977) (9)
    • Tkyo Joe (1977) (15)
    • Slave To Love (1985) (10)


On Friday 29th March 2019 Roxy Music were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame.

roxy music

This picture was taken from Roxy Musics facebook page.

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. This Post Contains Affiliate Links. If You Click Through And Make A Purchase, I May Earn A Commission At No Cost To You.



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  1. In 1973 I had just begun my first job. I don’t remember this group, (I wasn’t really into radio or music at that point of my life) but they certainly have created some good music. I really like “Dance Away” Nice post. You have an interesting niche here and a nice website. I love being able to listen to the songs. -Shirley

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